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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let Me Create a Miracle For You Chapter 1 - 4

Completely Busted, but who am I kidding anyway?

“Mmmhh.. Legolas,” I said dreamly. He raised his eyes, confuse. So I try to enlighten him. “The elves?”

“Superjunior?” Now his eyebrow knitted together.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let Me Create a Miracle For You Chapter 1-3

Previously : read here

So the only regret is I have to leave my goodfriends without proper goodbye. But I told them that I’d be back in 6 months. I believe that is the length of time I spent to persuade Grandmum to move in States with me.

But sadly I’m wrong. I spent more time here. Because a middleaged lady named Lee Jung Ahn, approach me at mall, when I buy some outfit for my new job. 

She asked me whether I can sing? No doubt I can’t.  And can I act? That depends. If pretending could be called acting, so I can. And Jung Ahn is so happy when I mention that I was active in performing an act in my highschool and university days.  It came out that she is a representative of talent agent.

So, with my bag fulled with worksuit, I came to her office and she introduced me to her CEO, Jang Seung Ho. A tall man with a beard. From the picture on his desk, I can guess he is a happy father.

He is so fine with my play documentation (I asked Casey to sent me my play performance) and my stage test. But he was a little bit stratled when I told him I could spare my weekend to act. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Complain on Lie To Me

Everytime I watch Ki Joon's scene flirting or get mad with Ah Jung, I can sense only lust there, not love. Like the above scene. His words when he ripped the contract on episode 11: "Listen to what I am saying. If I like, I'm going to hold hands and go watch movies. If we ended up like more than that, I'm going to kiss you and if we like each other more, then …." After that he stopped, like he lost on his thought.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fanfiction : Let Me Create a Miracle For You - Ch 1-2

Previously : 

What can I  do when my mom throw me away from States to Korea? And you ask me why my mom throw me away?

My parents decided to sent me back (by the way I prefer my choice of word) to Korea when Grandmum being found her dementia. Apparently, she’d hidden her sickness quite well. Noone realize it, because Grandmum was so healthy and she could do the daily activity by herself. She had been shopping in the market, cooking her meal everyday, and zillion activities on daily bases. 

But someday, she is out of luck and she couldn’t find her way home. She spent 2 days in shelter home because no one know who is the old lady do in Jeju. 

Jeju? You ask me. 

Yes, Jeju. I don' t know what reason trigered my grandmum went to Jeju, with only clothes on her body.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fanfiction : Let Me Create a Miracle For You - Ch.1 - 1

Let Me Create a Miracle for You

Behind the Scene and Deleted Scene of Sungkyunkwan Scandal

WARNING : If you like Park Yoo Chun and you are a die hard fan like Park Min Young's character here, please do not read this fanfiction story. 

All characters here is fictional and only floating on dee's mind. You will find some character traits are similiar and others are not. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Can't Believe I Do It Again

Despite of my hectic days and regular posting activity in kutudrama, now I make a new blog? Maybe some of you are saying I'm crazy enough to do it.

Well, you're not alone, because me, say it too.


First, I'm not a good English writer. Can I make a sentence in English? Yes. A good one? Not really.

Second, I'm the laziest of the lazy procrastinator. Some of my draft are .. well... just a draft on my computer. My computer are full of story with no beginning and no ending. But still, I'm to lazy to make them as a trash.

Third, well I'm too lazy to make a third reason.

So, here is Dee, who is trying to move her ass and keep writing.

Note: I'm planning to finish my fanfiction story. It doesn't have any title yet. So, I just called them 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal : Behind The Scene."