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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fanfiction : Let Me Create a Miracle For You - Ch 1-2

Previously : 

What can I  do when my mom throw me away from States to Korea? And you ask me why my mom throw me away?

My parents decided to sent me back (by the way I prefer my choice of word) to Korea when Grandmum being found her dementia. Apparently, she’d hidden her sickness quite well. Noone realize it, because Grandmum was so healthy and she could do the daily activity by herself. She had been shopping in the market, cooking her meal everyday, and zillion activities on daily bases. 

But someday, she is out of luck and she couldn’t find her way home. She spent 2 days in shelter home because no one know who is the old lady do in Jeju. 

Jeju? You ask me. 

Yes, Jeju. I don' t know what reason trigered my grandmum went to Jeju, with only clothes on her body.

Grandmum went to Jeju and unfortunately she forgot bringing her ID, instead cash only. And someone robbed her money. Thankfully, there are nice people who brought her to police station. 

Being unidentify, the only thing that police could done was brought her to shelter home and put her photo in Lost People database.

My mom, being the only daughter, dragged me –who is waiting for my graduation and working in Financial Firm in NYC- back to Korea. We looked for grandmum in every place at Seoul. Thanks God, it didn’t take time to find her. Apparently Korean database was so fine.

My grandmum was also fine. Me? Fine also, because it meant that I would be back to States. But someone whose not fine is mom.

So many fail attempts she gained for persuading grandmum. Grandmum refused strongly to be taken to States. She wanted to spent her last days beside Grandpop’s grave. 

She must take scold by heart from our old relatives, for not taking care her mother properly. 

So, the only way out was brought my grandmum back to New York. But she failed persuade grandmum to go with us. And my mom didn’t know what to do. She said, she could stay in Seoul only for 2 weeks max.  And this is our last three days but grandmum still didn’t bulge any inch from her room. 

She, being dementia, didn’t loose her grip in her stick. My mom, the most brave and competent lawyer in NYC and being afraid by any criminals-, is chicken out with my grandmum’s stick. She gave up after numerous bumps in her head. 

So she said to my dad, that me -Park Min Young-, the university freshgrad and trainee in Mackenzie, must stay in Korea and persuade grandmom. She said, taking care grandmom will help my work ethic in the future.

My dad believe her reason. My brother –a resident MD- was doubting my mom’s reason. But I say I know her true reason.

My mom is still mad about my last relationship with Nick –a tattoed indie rock singer. In fact another goal she dragged me here because she didn’t want me continue my relationship. 

Yeah, my mom is delusional certified. What relationship if they ruined it at my first date attempt?

Nick and I met at café when I kicked his ass on starcraft. After that, witnessed by our laptops and bunch of his friends, he asked me for a date.

My dad was so shocked finding Nick on our porch, with fine body but half of it covered with tattoe and piercing. He could not utter a single word. On the contrary, my mom directly torrented a lot of reason for him  not taking me for a date.

Well, considering I have to finish my spaghetti was a reason.

I was so mad to her, we yelled and quarelled to each other, which I’m afraid that our neighbours had to call police. We were stopped because our phone rang telling us that grandmum was missing.

My mom as worry she can be, take this as opportunity to excuse us and ran me away from Nick. I’m still take a fit for making me cancel my date. Not because I’m in love with Nick or something. We were still early to go to that stage. But I was angry with her because of her way handling this situation. What am I? A five?

So, here I was, almost three years ago, cast away in a place where my blood came from, hence I’m so strange with it.  Though I've raised with Korean culture and sometimes we go to Korea for holiday, but staying is not as same as living. 

I didn’t have enough time to strangle my mom, because she offered me to work in ShinHwa Group with the higher position and higher salary than my previous job in Mackenzie.

For the record, ShinHwa is the biggest financial company in Korea. Mackenzie also has a good relationship with ShinHwa. So Mackenzie said that they would take my working experience in SHinHwa as trainee for Mackenzie. 

And Casey, my bestfriend, told me that she caught Nick in bed not with only one girl,but three girls on our regular party. I can’t believe him. I just leave him for only ten days, and he already move on? And what kind of bed, which can seize four persons at once?

So the only regret was I had to leave my goodfriends without proper goodbye. But I told them that I’d be back in 6 months. I believe that is the length of time I spent to persuade Grandmum to move in States with me.

But sadly I’m wrong.
 Disclaimer : All of the character are only in my imagination. I do not own Mackenzie even work there. Though working in Mackenzie Indonesia is my college dream.

2011, Dee. All rights reserved.

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  1. "and what kind of bed, which can seize four persons at once?"

    LOL...double King size???

  2. Nice story sist,,

    from states and now Jeju?

    i thought Jeju will be nice to be Holiday destination not for living. :)

  3. @fanny, double king size with heart shape :) Sometime in my daydreaming state, I want to try a heart shape bed. Because, actually though the bed is large, there is so much wasteful space there..
    @vanilaeru, They found grandmum on Jeju. Grandmum lives in Seoul, but as a dementia person, she visit Jeju for old time sake.
    Actually it's come from my late grandmum experience. She has dementia, but only God knows, how she can get the bus to go to Kudus, from Semarang. Apparently my aunt had a fight with grandmum and she ran away to Kudus, to her childhood neighborhood. God bless her. RIP, eyang.