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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fanfiction : Let Me Create a Miracle For You - Ch.1 - 1

Let Me Create a Miracle for You

Behind the Scene and Deleted Scene of Sungkyunkwan Scandal

WARNING : If you like Park Yoo Chun and you are a die hard fan like Park Min Young's character here, please do not read this fanfiction story. 

All characters here is fictional and only floating on dee's mind. You will find some character traits are similiar and others are not. 
Chapter 1


I don’t know when it starts. But I do know that it ends when my heart beating faster, as I read in celebrity column that Micky Park admit that Park Min Young’s  feeling–mine- and his  are not mutual.

Because obivously I AM his fan. Singer and fan don’t date. 

And since both of us have an easygoing personality, so it’s normal that people would think that we are in a relationship. “I couldn’t give up my single status yet, so relax. She is a fan, and I’m her fan too. So don’t bash her because we don’t have any relationship.”

Yeah, just like it hadn’t happened already. The bashing I mean, not that some relationship.  I have change my twitter twice because of his fan. But I can’t blame them, because I am a fan too. Not fan of Micky YooChun. But I am a fan of Orlando Bloom. Die hard fan and I’m proud of it. 

I like him since he played Legolas, the cute Elves in Lord of the Ring. Don’t you think he is like an angel? With the white hair and serenity smile.. Gosh.. I think he is a perfect match for me. He never mocked little people. His best friend is Gimli, the dwarf.
And I’m 5 feet 2 and a half inches tall. So I will consider myself a dwarf. We will meet each other and everyone will recognize us a dream couple.

And  my wish came true. One day on my college years, I met Orlando Bloom, personally –one on one-, at Starbuck where I worked for. What do you think I will do as a dream couple? 

Nothing, because I didn’t recognize him at all with his brown hair. But after I regain my conciousness, he'd already dissapeared. So I sent his hairstylist a hate mail. Have you ever know someone who is so gorgeous with a silver hair? 

And I don’t like him married. Period. He is mine. Elves are not allowed to be married with human, so they can’t marry with kind of us. So a week before his wedding I already made a voodoo doll. Not for him, but for her (do you know which her I refer, right?). Unfortunately, my mom found it and my Voodoo for Dummies under my bed, so she grounded me for a week.

Too bad..

Anyway, Micky YooChun is a famous singer turned to actor. So famous in Korea, everybody knew him. Everybody, even my grandmum know him and the gang. Butterfly, dogs and cats know them. Even birds are singing their song every morning (that a hiperbolic one I think. But I swear grandmum said one morning, ‘hear darling, the birds is singing Hug. And that time I think grandmum are changed to be dr. Dolittle’). 

His fan are thousands -pardon me- hundred thousands in all over the world, and they registered themselves officially. So only an ignorant creature will not recognize him. 

Just like ants and.. me. 

But, how do I know when I only came to Korea 2 years ago? And that time DBSK, his group, already spread their wings to other country in Asia. They never perform a concert in Korean stage.

The only DBSK news I’ve got is they filed a suit against their former talent agent. So, what I do know sometime at Celebrity Tabloid are their progress on their feud.

Their agent hold their singing activity in this earth. So he can’t sing now. Pathetic right? What a singer do when he can’t be allowed to sing?

In my case, I sleep.

In his case, he act.

Just like me. What can I  do when my mom throw me away from States to Korea? 

And you ask me why my mom throw me away?

To be continue.. 

Note : I don't own DBSK, JYJ, Lord Of The Ring, Legolas even Gimli. And I don't own Park Min Young and Micky Yoo Chun. But if only they sell PMY and PYC's pocket size... 


  1. i really like it^^
    Dee, you're blessed with this talent. It's a good writing. It makes me giggle, smile, grin, and laugh. Can't wait to read more^^

  2. Fannyyy... thank you so much...
    I hope you like it. I don't know how the story will go. But I try to finish it. Thank you thank you thank you.. :)