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Monday, September 3, 2012

Let Me Create a Miracle For You - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I like to see his brotherhood with Jaejong and Junsu. In their stormy days, as Micky told me, they can’t trust anybody. They can’t burden their family too, because the feud was already gave pressure to them.

“I love them, so I can’t burden them so much. My mom get sick easily. Just as my aunt and my dad. Sometime I hate why I did it nine years ago. I loose my teenage days, and I never get rest properly. So two years ago, after we take a decision, I start to sleep and sleep and sleep,” said Micky.

We are in the middle of the location set in forest, waiting for our next scene. Maybe because of the dark setting or quiet place, and we can’t see each other face clearly, all of sudden Micky pour his trouble heart to me. There is no camera around us. Everyone is busy shooting another scene with another actor, and they leave us here, in a crook of the hill.