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Friday, January 27, 2012

Let Me Create a Miracle For You - Chapter 2 - 2

But unfortunately, my sickness is a bit complicative. After I weakly dislike animal (I still dislike fish and chicken, because I’m still loving McD and friends), another sickness came. Now, I’d rather touch soju than see red meat in my plate. Considering I’m a weak drinker, it’s not a good direction for me. As Korean, red meat is a obligatory not compulsory.

So when I choose to be half vegetarian, our PD-nim threw a hissy fit to Yoo Chun. “Please give us break, Yoo Chun. I’d rather like her loathing animals than loathing red meat. Do you think her grandmum will tolerate her vegan? I will be beaten because of this.”

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let Me Create a Miracle For You - Chapter 2 - 1

I can’t believe how wrong media describe Yoo Chun. They said, Yoo Chun is a gloom person now, different with before. But everytime I see him, he always cheer and happy. For example, our first fateful day, on our first reading session. Even when he got serious, I never catched any gloomness in him.

In fact, it was me, who turned to be sour that day, until he slipped that paper back to my script book in the first break and I smiled like crazy. It lifted my mood up. Even Joong Ki and Ah-In catched my changing mood.