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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let Me Create a Miracle For You Chapter 1-3

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So the only regret is I have to leave my goodfriends without proper goodbye. But I told them that I’d be back in 6 months. I believe that is the length of time I spent to persuade Grandmum to move in States with me.

But sadly I’m wrong. I spent more time here. Because a middleaged lady named Lee Jung Ahn, approach me at mall, when I buy some outfit for my new job. 

She asked me whether I can sing? No doubt I can’t.  And can I act? That depends. If pretending could be called acting, so I can. And Jung Ahn is so happy when I mention that I was active in performing an act in my highschool and university days.  It came out that she is a representative of talent agent.

So, with my bag fulled with worksuit, I came to her office and she introduced me to her CEO, Jang Seung Ho. A tall man with a beard. From the picture on his desk, I can guess he is a happy father.

He is so fine with my play documentation (I asked Casey to sent me my play performance) and my stage test. But he was a little bit stratled when I told him I could spare my weekend to act. 

“Everybody would like to die to replace you, but the only time you can spare was only two days? It was so ridiculuos.”

“Well, it is ridiculuous if I throw away my job for an uncertain opportunity.”

“It is a certain opportunity! Jung Ahn is never wrong in judging talent. I’m also has a great record in making a star born,” Mr. Jang Seung Ho was little bit offended. Then, he expose his success by presenting his actor and actress, one by one, which is I recognize none of them. 

“I’m sorry, but tomorrow is my first day in ShinHwa. That’s more certain, you know.”

“ShinHwa? That financial firm? Impressive. And how could you do that with your little time here? By connection, maybe?” I knew Mr. Jang try to offend me.

“Yes, by connection,” I did really want to wipe the smile out of his smugged face. “Do you know Mackenzie? They accept me two months ago, and after I consulted with they representative, they sent me to ShinHwa to replace their trainee who coincidentally resign for maternity leave. So if you said, it because my connectionl, I would say it’s true.”

Mr. Jang was little bit astonished with my spilled information. Automatically he checked my education background, and I know he is quite impressed with my resume. Well, apparently Finance degree in Columbia was suceeded to shut his mouth. But I guessed he didn't want to show it to me. 

“And why do high profile American graduate come to Korea?” Mr. Jang asked me skeptically.

“Because of personal matters,” I reply shortly. I don’t want to share my family business to some kind of stranger. Even if some kind of stranger might be my future boss. “But if a high profile American graduate want to do a brand new path of career, this high profile American graduate want to sincronize with the old path.”

“Okay, it’s a bit hard. So, why can’t we make some adjustment?” He proposed.

Some adjustment came as night acting class for me and some screen test in my weekend. It’s kind of tiring. But actually it’s not that bad. My life is so packed with activities then, so I don’t have a time to whine. I also make a lot of new friend, eventhough I missed my friend back there.

So I spent my daylight at office, and went to SidusHQ at night. Sometime I do a photoshot and audition. I don’t get any money with that, but I don’t have to pay for my classes either. Our contract said that I will get money for my work which amount ten million Won.

Then after 3 months, opportunity came. I auditioned for daily drama. And daily drama would take 3 months running. I like the role, and I have gut feeling that I accepted.  Mr. Jang already warned me, that if I get a bigger part in any movie or drama, I had to keep my promise to resign on my current job. And villain role is somehow interesting. Not only I have an evil side in me, but people will remember me easily for my newcomer role. Beside, I could imagine that my evil role is a comical one, since my character was a little bit dimwitted.

So, I resigned from my office, despite of my mother’s wrath. She can’t accepted that I spent my 4 years in Columbia for nothing. But grandmum was supported me 100%. Yeah, even in her dementia, she was still smart. She knew that me being an actress made her chance to go to States is null. And that made mom was more angry with me. She accused me for doing a revenge because she threw me away. 

Definitely it’s not true. Well, maybe the first time when Mr. Jang gave me his solution, I find it as a way to punish my mom. But, I fell in love with acting for a long time, and the acting class made me fell harder. Later, I completely wanted to act genuinely.

It’s so tiring to film everyday. I don’t have much rest, even I was only the second lead. I don’t know how Moon Chae Won, the first lead, have time to sleep. But I like it. The atmosphere is so nice and warm, and I get actual lesson from senior on location. And the best part is our rating is high (well, it’s not a surprise because it’s a daily drama) and I’ve got best newcomer in year end award.

Fact that I’d be succeeded has already set on the table, so my mom can’t complain anymore. My dad, as a World Bank officer, don’t have any word to say. 

After daily drama, so many offerings came. But I’m a little bit picky, I picked a comedy movie. It’s a little bit edgy, and it’s not smash hit movie, but it was also not a flop one. But I’m glad took it, because I get a lot of experience. I get so many acting and real life lesson from seniors.

After movie premiere, I don’t have enough time to break, because have to promote my movie along with my partner. So I decided to take a break after promotion done. But alas, Mr. Jang gave me a script which interest me a lot. It’s kind of sageuk, but not completely saguek. Some people called it fusion sageuk. Sageuk is a story from the ancient Korea, where people wore hanbok, and conversed with long and difficult language. Maybe for some people it’s not difficult language, but for me, it is.

All of the cast are new to me. I have introduced to Song Joong Ki, he is in the same company with me. I have met him several times, but we’re not close enough. Yoo Ah In, I haven’t met him since our first meeting a year ago in award ceremony. But the mystery person is Park Yoo Chun. Or famous with Micky Yoo Chun.

I never met him at all. At party or anywhere else. People said that he is a closed person now. I have googled him, and I found his personality on contradiction. He is called badboy and he is good with woman. But somehow, because of his feud and trial with his former management, he become sensitive, rare to smile.

And I met him for the first time on TV studio.

It was early in the sunday morning, just few people come to studio, the rest maybe at home, suffered from hungover. Me, I’d like to come early for an appointment. This day is the first reading session. And I’d like to prepare myself, be calm and watch people come, and not people watch me to come.

I choose to sit in a bench across the café, with a package which make me looks like a girl from village. Despite my huge bag (believe me, I intend to bring only my script book, but there’s a lot of unnecessary thing in my bag right now), I also bring a basket full of food.

And the content of basket is not mine.

There’s only a guy in with a hat, sleeping. Probably a crew for night production. My cellphone is ringing, and from the ringtone, I know where it came from. Actually, than doing some researche from google, this caller is my reliable sources for capturing who the real Micky Park is.

“Yes, Ji Young-ah?” I can’t hide my boredom voice for speaking with the caller. Because she was already in my home at 5 o’clock, being an alarm, waking me up.

“Have you met him? Have you?” my neighbour who was only 8 years old is nagging me even in her schooldays. And this weekend is ultimate hell for me. Yesterday, she trained me (yes, trained me, you don’t hear wrong) for meeting his idol. You have to this, and don’t do that, bla bla bla..

“Not yet. I just arrive, and nobody is here.”

“Have you bring your camera? Don’t forget to take one or two picture of him. Okay? Just him.”

Literally I roll my eyes hearing her hipocraze, wanting me to take him a picture, but doesn’t’ want me included in that picture. Nice girl. “I don’t bring my camera. But I bring my cellphone. Is it okay?”

“Okay. And don’t forget, for asking him his signature. Have you bring it?”

“Yes, Ji Young, you put the note yourself, right?” It’s not hard to find a thick scrapped book Ji Young gave me before, because it’s big, and it’s bigger than my script book

“Oh, and I forget to write note, for him, just in case he Is in hurry, though I know he wouldn’t do that. Do you bring any pencil? Can you write it down to me?” her voice is just so devastated, forgeting a tiny detail for her idol.

I sigh. This girl is over too much. If she weren’t bring joy to grandmum, I would strangle her already. “To dear Micky, I love you and I hope you will in a good health.. Hey, it’s your letter to him, not his note to you,” I corrected.

“Oh, okay,” she sound confused, suddenly she remembers. “Oh, eonnie! Why do I forget to write him a letter? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot,” she is whining now, great.

“No no no.. it’s okay. We still have time. It’s not for the last time I will meet him, okay?”

“Okay, and if you meet Junsu or Jaejong, could you pass my scrapped book too? And don’t forget to deliver my cookies to them, okay?” I already envy for them, getting a handmade cookies from Ji Young’s mom. Her mom’s cookies tastes heaven. Pure heaven. “I made them by myself. I didn’t allow mom to help me.” 

Okay, I take it back. I’m not envying them, they can eat them as much as they can take. Though, probably they will finished on a first bite. I have taste them, and they sucked as hell.

“Okay, okay, Ji Young. Yes, I’ll tell him that we are his avid fans. I get it,” and I have to keep my mouth for throwing up. “But JiYoung, is it time to go to your piano course?” I remind her.

“Oh, crap. I forgot. Bye, eonnie,” and that how the conversation ends.

I sigh. This is too much. Why, me, a big girl must obey an elementary child? I take out blank papers, and write them one by one.

For Ji young.. For Na Ra.. For Chae Kyeong..  Micky.

Suddenly someone grabbed my pen and take all of the paper.

“Hey, it’s my pen!” I yelled.

In front of me, a sleeping guy is already standing towering me. He wears a square glasses, and his hat is covering his eyes. 

 “Are you a DBSK’s fan?” his voice stratles me.

 “Oh no, I’m not. It’s for my neighbour,” he’s opening the hat and sway his bang, and suddenly I see who he is. Stupid of me. “But I am also your fan,” I don’t know how to address him correctly. “Micky-ssi.”

The one and only Micky Yoo Chun stare at me like I grow a horn on my head.

“You’re lying. None of my fans call me Micky-ssi,” he is welcoming himself by sitting in front of me. So, whose fan are you?”

Completely busted. But who am I kidding anyway? 

Ps. Sorry for any gramatical error. I'm still confuse for using present and past tense for indirect sentence and describing First person POV. And I don't know much about Park Min Young's drama before SKKS. So if her previous drama is mixed up, I apologize.

2011, Dee. All rights reserved.

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